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Weekly Policy Updates:

12.09.22 REDC Policy Update
12.05.22 REDC Policy Update
11.18.22 REDC Policy Update
11.18.22 Attachment 1_Medicare Mobile Crisis Support MH Community
11.18.22 Attachment 2_Stakeholder letter to DEA 11.11 FINAL
11.12.22 REDC Policy Update
11.12.22 Attachment 1_Medicare Cost Study – Kennedy Forum – 11.9.22
11.12.22 Attachment 2_November 2022 State Parity Workgroup Slides
11.04.22 REDC Policy Update
10.21.22 REDC Policy Update
10.14.22 REDC Policy Update
10.14.22 Attachment 1_NED Anniversary Sign-on Letter to President Biden Final 10-13-22
10.07.22 REDC Policy Update
10.07.22 Attachment 1_ACA EHBs Report 2022.10.03
9.30.22 REDC Policy Update
9.30.22 Attachment 1_DOL Parity Roundtable 9.23.22 Memo
9.30.22 Attachment 2_HVAC SFR EDC_REDC on Veteran Suicides 9.27.22
9.30.22 Attachment 3_Support Letter to Pelosi & McCarthy – Titles VI and VII of the Mental Health Matters Act (HR 7780) – FINAL
9.23.22 REDC Policy Update
9.23.22 Attachment 1_September 2022 State Parity Workgroup Slides
9.16.22 REDC Policy Update
9.16.22 Attachment 1_Telehealth Stakeholder Letter to Senate – FINAL – 9.13.22
9.16.22 Attachment 2_MHLG H.R. 4040 Support Letter to SFC 9.14.22
9.10.22 REDC Policy Update
9.10.22 Attachment 1_MHLG Letter of Support for S. 4472, Health Care Capacity for Pediatric Behavioral Health Act
9.02.22 REDC Policy Update
9.02.22 Attachment 1_Letter to HHS Sec Becerra on Integrating BH into ASPR – FINAL
9.02.22 Attachment 2_S. 4306 Coalition Letter
9.02.22 Attachment 3_Youth Crisis Guidelines Letter to HHS 8.26
8.26.22 REDC Policy Update
8.18.22 REDC Policy Update
8.11.22 REDC Policy Update
8.04.2022 REDC Policy Update
8.04.22 Attachment 1_TR08C-200COComposite
7.29.22 REDC Policy Update
7.22.22 REDC Policy Update
7.15.22 REDC Policy Update
7.15.22 Attachment 1_July 2022 State Parity Workgroup Slides
7.15.22 Attachment 2_Letter to Leader Schumer on USDOL CMP Authority for MHPAEA – NYS + National
7.15.22 Attachment 3_S.4461 Coalition Letter of Support (updated)
7.08.22 REDC Policy Update
7.01.22 REDC Policy Update
7.01.22 Attachment 1_REDC Briefing Invite 6.30.22
7.01.22 Attachment 2_Medicare Addiction Parity Project – Letter to Congressional Committees – 6-29-22
6.24.22 REDC Policy Update
6.17.22 REDC Policy Update
6.10.22 REDC Policy Update
6.03.22 REDC Policy Update
6.03.22 Attachment 1_ABHW Letter to Tri-Departments re 2022 MHPAEA Report to Congress March2022 FINAL
5.31.22 REDC Policy Update
5.31.22 Attachment 1_PARITY-TELEHEALTH_01_xml
5.20.22 REDC Policy Update
5.20.22 Attachment 1_FY2023 PSLRP Appropriations Letter Senate_Final
5.20.22 Attachment 2_Wit v UBH _ Social Toolkit
5.20.22 Attachment 3_FY2023 PSLRP Appropriations Letter House_Final
5.13.22 REDC Policy Update
5.13.22 Attachment 1_2022.04 Post-Disaster Letter to Leadership VF
5.13.22 Attachment 2_CHGME FY 2023 Appropriations Support Letter Allied Orgs
5.13.22 Attachment 3_EDC Advocacy Day 2022 Social Media Toolkit
5.13.22 Attachment 4_Letter to Governors on Unwinding 5.10.22
5.13.22 Attachment 5_MHLG GLS Support Letter FINAL 5.10.22
5.13.22 Attachment 6_NBPP Final Rule Summary
5.13.22 Attachment 7_Support Letter to End Parity Opt Outs – Senate MH Reform Reauthorization Act (S.4170)
5.13.22 Attachment 8_Support Letter to End Parity Opt Outs HR7666 – FINAL
5.06.22 REDC Policy Update
5.06.22 Attachment 1_FY23 HRSA Pediatric MH Program Sign On
4.29.22 REDC Policy Update
4.29.22 Attachment 1_House Committee on Energy and Commerce FY23 HHS Budget Memo
4.29.22 Attachment 2_Mental Health Demonstration and Personnel Grants_ Community Letter FY23
4.22.22 REDC Policy Update
4.22.22 Attachment 1_April 2022 State Parity Workgroup Slides
4.15.22 REDC Policy Update
4.15.22 Attachment 1_MHLG Support letter re Virtual Peer Support Act Final
4.15.22 Attachment 2_Support letter prevention set aside 4.4.22
4.08.22 REDC Policy Update
4.08.22 Attachment 1_Letter to Walsh and Becerra on Wit v UBH Amicus – FINAL 4-1-22
4.08.22 Attachment 2_2022-04-04 SERVE Act Implementation Letter
4.01.22 REDC Policy Update
4.01.22 Attachment 1_Senate HELP Hearing 3.23.22
3.25.22 REDC Policy Update
3.25.22 Attachment 1_Children and Social Media Letter to SG Final w.sign ons
3.25.22 Attachment 2_Letter to Congress from advocates re children online 3 22 22
3.25.22 Attachment 3_Center Road Update_March 23 2022_REDC
3.18.22 REDC Policy Update
3.18.22 Attachment 1_March 2022 State Parity Workgroup Slides
3.11.22 REDC Policy Update
3.04.22 REDC Policy Update
3.04.22 Attachment 1_APA ATA DEA Ryan Haight Stakeholder letter_3.3.22
2.25.22 REDC Policy Update
2.25.22 Attachment 1_MHLG support letter for 988 Implementation Act REV FINAL_2 18 22
2.18.22 REDC Policy Update
2.18.22 Attachment 1_EDC Tool Kit for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week
2.18.22 Attachment 2_February 2022 State Parity Workgroup Slides
2.18.22 Attachment 3_Leadership Ltr Delay Telehealth In-person Requirement FINAL
2.18.22 Attachment 4_Senate Finance Part 2 Hearing Memo
2.18.22 Attachment 5_USDOL Parity Authority Letter to Pelosi and Schumer – FINAL 2-15-22
2.11.22 REDC Policy Update
2.11.22 Attachment 1_Telehealth Extension and Evaluation Act_Section by Section
2.11.22 Attachment 2_Senate HELP Workforce Hearing 2.10.22 Memo
2.11.22 Attachment 3_Senate Finance Youth Mental Health Hearing Memo
2.04.22 REDC Policy Update
2.04.22 Attachment 1_Telehealth Pathway to Reform Letter to Congress w signers FIN
1.28.22 REDC Policy Update
1.28.22 Attachment 1_2022 HDHP-HSA Stakeholder Letter – Congressional Leaders – FINAL
1.28.22 Attachment 2_DOL MHAPEA 2022 Report
1.28.22 Attachment 3_January 2022 State Parity Workgroup Slides
1.21.22 REDC Policy Update
1.21.22 Attachment 1_REDC Regulatory Comments 2023 NBPP Proposed Rule
1.14.22 REDC Policy Update
1.14.22 Attachment 1_2022 HDHP-HSA Stakeholder Letter – FINAL
1.07.22 REDC Policy Update
1.07.22 Attachment 1_BCBSA Response Letter
12.17.21 REDC Policy Update
12.10.21 REDC Policy Update
12.03.21 REDC Policy Update
11.19.21 REDC Policy Update
11.19.21 Attachment 1_Letter to NAIC D Committee on MHPAEA NQTL Tool – FINAL (11-3-21)
11.19.21 Attachment 2_Bowman – Survey slide 11.9.21.LW.1836
11.12.21 REDC Policy Update
11.12.21 Attachment 1_REDC Consortium RFI Wyden.Crapo Submission
10.29.21 REDC Policy Update
10.29.21 Attachment 1_Stakeholder Letter on Telehealth HDHP Language Expiring – 26 October 2021
10.29.21 Attachment 2_Letter to governors on emergency licensure waivers – FINAL
10.22.21 REDC Policy Update
10.22.21 Attachment 1_October 2021 State Parity Workgroup Slides[19093]
10.22.21 Attachment 2_Misleading Marketing Gtown CHIR (1)[19092]
10.15.21 REDC Policy Update
10.15.21 Attachment 1_Extending Parity to Medicare Letter to Chair Wyden and RM Crapo – FINAL (10-13-21)
10.08.21 REDC Policy Update
10.08.21 Attachment 1_REDC Consortium RFI Bennet.Cornyn Submission
10.01.21 REDC Policy Update
10.01.21 Attachment 1_MHLG_9.29.21_Build Back Better leadership letter FINAL Letterhead
10.01.21 Attachment 2_EDC Briefing Invitation 09.2021 vf
9.24.21 REDC Policy Update
9.17.21 REDC Policy Update
9.17.21 Attachment 1_REDC Telemental Health Utilization_9.7.21
9.10.21 REDC Policy Update
9.10.21 Attachment 1_REDC Consortium 2022 Medicare PFS Proposed Rule
9.02.21 REDC Policy Update
8.26.21 REDC Policy Update
8.26.21 Attachment 1_UnitedHealthcare_Sued_by_Feds
8.26.21 Attachment 2_Richmond-Covid & ED Care Demand Doubling-JAH 2021
8.19.21 REDC Policy Update
8.12.21 REDC Policy Update
8.12.21 Attachment 1_080521 Bipart mental health kickoff letter_final
8.12.21 Attachment 2_Discussion on Digital Therapeutics – 8.4.21
8.06.21 REDC Policy Update
7.30.21 REDC Policy Update
7.30.21 Attachment 1_Telehealth for the Treatment of Serious Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders
7.30.21 Attachment 2_MHLG Members Letter to Hill – Increasing Access to Mental Health in Schools Act
7.30.21 Attachment 3_Congress Must Act on Child Mental Health – Group Sign On FINAL 7 29 21
7.30.21 Attachment 4_REDC Consortium Regulatory Comments UPP Rule
7.30.21 Attachment 5_REDC Consortium RFI Public Health Insurance Option
7.23.21 REDC Policy Update
7.16.21 REDC Policy Update
7.16.21 Attachment 1_SERVE (H.R. 1309-S. 194) Organization Support Letter (non-MHLG) 7.16.21
7.09.21 REDC Policy Update
7.09.21 Attachment 1_FY22 House Defense Approps Report Memo
7.02.21 REDC Policy Update
6.25.21 REDC Policy Update
6.25.21 Attachment 1_Cures 2.0_DISCUSSION DRAFT
6.25.21 Attachment 2_Cures 2.0_DD SxS_FINAL1
6.18.21 REDC Policy Update
6.18.21 Attachment 1_BAI21402
6.18.21 Attachment 2_2021-4-29 Supplemental Testimony of Meiram Bendat J.D. Ph.D.
6.18.21 Attachment 3_June 2021 State Parity Workgroup Slides
6.04.21 REDC Policy Update
5.28.21 REDC Policy Update
5.28.21 Attachment 1_Congressional Letter Supporting Behavioral Health Positions as Part of the Public Health Allocation 5-21-21
5.21.21 REDC Policy Update
5.14.21 REDC Policy Update
5.14.21 Attachment 1_Registration Form and Contract__CTDH 2021
5.14.21 Attachment 2_State Telehealth Parity Tracker
5.14.21 Attachment 3_FY22 HHS Budget Hearing Memo
5.14.21 Attachment 4_SASC Hearing Memo 5.12.21
5.14.21 Attachment 5_May 2021 State Parity Workgroup Slides
5.10.21 REDC Policy Update
5.10.21 Attachment 1_Parity Implementation_3-1-21
5.10.21 Attachment 2_CARDCA_015_xml
5.10.21 Attachment 3_CAMH Principles 2021 Final 05-04-21
5.10.21 Attachment 4_MEMORANDUM Covid_MH_BH Senate HELP
5.10.21 Attachment 5_MHLG Telehealth Senate HELP Commitee 5-5-2021
4.30.21 REDC Policy Update
4.30.21 Attachment 1_WM Health Subcmte Hearing on Telehealth 4.30.21
4.30.21 Attachment 2_TFK Agency Actions 042621
4.30.21 Attachment 3_Telehealth-Summit-for-Health-Systems-A-Pivotal-Moment-for-Telehealth-RPM-Policy-Presentation
4.23.21 REDC Policy Update
4.23.21 Attachment 1_MedPac Summary 2021
4.23.21 Attachment 2_Senate FY22 DHA Approps Memo
4.23.21 Attachment 3_4.21.21_DOD Recommendations on Eating Disorders
4.16.21 REDC Policy Update
4.16.21 Attachment 1_April 2021 State Parity Workgroup Slides
4.16.21 Attachment 2_Parity Progress and Next Steps April 2021
4.16.21 Attachment 3_LAC-Medicare-2021.04.12
4.09.21 REDC Policy Update
4.09.21 Attachment-1_FY22-Discretionary-Budget-Outline
4.09.21 Attachment 2_Estimate S. 194 SERVE Act 040721
3.31.21 REDC Policy Update
3.31.21 Attachment 1_CenterRoad Solutions 2020 Accomplishments
3.31.21 Attachment 2_REDC Consortium Telehealth Infographic
3.26.21 REDC Policy Update
3.26.21 Attachment 1_Milliman-COVID-BH-Impact-2021-02-17
3.26.21 Attachment 2_TFKPriorities 22NDAA_onepager_Final_17Mar21
3.26.21 Attachment 3_TFKPriorities 22NDAA_Final_17Mar21
3.26.21 Attachmenet 4_TFKPriorities 22NDAA_Summary_Final_17Mar21
3.19.21 REDC Policy Update
3.19.21 Attachment 1_Nutrition CARE Act Organizational Support Letter 2021
3.12.21 REDC Policy Update
3.12.21 Attachment 1_Medicare Coverage_Substance Use Disorder Care_ Landscape Review Web Final
3.12.21 Attachment 2_March 2021 State Parity Workgroup Slides
3.05.21 REDC Policy Update
3.05.21 Attachment 1_E and C Committee Hearing on COVID and Telehealth 3.2021
3.05.21 Attachment 2_MHLG Telehealth Statement EC Health Subcom March 2021
2.26.21 REDC Policy Update
2.26.21 Attachment 1_TREAT Act MHLG Support Letter 2.22.21
2.26.21 Attachment 2_Telehealth Coverage Texas MHSUD Group Letter 2.23.21
2.26.21 Attachment 3_PHE Declaration Guidance Thank You FINAL 2.23.21
2.19.21 REDC Policy Update
2.19.21 Attachment 1_Military Eating Disorders Briefing Invite Final
2.12.21 REDC Policy Update
2.12.21 Attachment 1_February 2021 State Parity Workgroup Slides
2.12.21 Attachment 2_Military Eating Disorders Briefing Invite Final
2.08.21 REDC Policy Update
2.08.21 Attachment 1_ REDC Advocacy Day Social Media Toolkit
2.08.21 Attachment 2_SERVE Infographic 2.3
REDC Consortium Congressional and Federal Terminology Guide
1.29.21 REDC Policy Update
1.29.21 Attachment 1_REDC Advocacy Day Social Media Toolkit
1.22.21 REDC Policy Update
1.22.21 Attachment 1_COBRA+Congress+EOY+sign+on+FINAL
1.22.21 Attachment 2_MHLG Letter to HHS RFI Telehealth Dec 24 2020
1.22.21 Attachment 3_MHLG Telehealth Comment Letter to CMS 10-5-2020 Letterhead Updated 10-15-2020
1.15.21 REDC Policy Update
1.15.21 Attachment 1_EO 13950 sign on – Safe States Alliance
1.15.21 Attachment 2_January 2021 State Parity Workgroup Slides
1.15.21 Attachment 3_Biden COVID_Relief_Package_Fact_Sheet
1.08.21 REDC Policy Update
12.18.20 REDC Policy Update
12.11.20 REDC Policy Update
12.04.20 REDC Policy Update
12.04.20 Attachment 1_State Responses Tele-Mental Health Coverage
11.20.20 REDC Policy Update
11.20.20 Attachment 1_The California v. Texas Supreme Court Case KFF Memo
11.20.20 Attachment 2_November 2020 State Parity Workgroup Slides
11.13.20 REDC Policy Update
11.13.20_Attachment 1_ Mission Readiness 2020 National Report Release.Food Insecurity
11.13.20_Attachment 2_REDC HASC-SASC Treatment Centers
11.13.20_Attachment 3_CDC MHLG Presentation Slides 11.6.2020
11.06.20 REDC Policy Update
10.30.20 REDC Policy Update
10.30.20 Attachment 1_WM Hearing on ACA Sabotage During COVID 19 10
10.30.20 Attachment 2_MHLG Tele-mental Extension 10.20.20 AL
10.30.20 Attachment 3_MHLG Tele-Mental Health Extension 10.20.20 FL
10.30.20 Attachment 4_MHLG Tele-Mental Health Extension 10.20.20 SC
10.30.20 Attachment 5_MHLG Tele-Mental Health Extension 10.20.20 WY
10.30.20 Attachment 6_MHLG Tele-Mental Health Extension 10.20.20 PA
10.30.20 Attachment 7_MHLG Tele-Mental Health Extension 10.20.20 WI
10.30.20 Attachment 8_MHLG Tele-Mental Health Extension 10.20.20 ID
10.23.20 REDC Policy Update
10.16.20 REDC Policy Update
10.16.20 Attachment 1_State Responses Tele-Mental Health Coverage
10.16.20 Attachment 2_October 2020 State Parity Workgroup Slides
10.16.20 Attachment 3_TheUpswingFundInvitation
10.16.20 Attachment 4_HRSA COVID-19 CARES Act Provider Relief Fund Phase 3 General Distribution Webinar Memo
10.09.20 REDC Policy Update
10.02.20 REDC Policy Update
9.24.20 REDC Policy Update
9.18.20 REDC Policy Update
9.18.20_Attachment 1_2020.09.16 Letter to ED and HHS re student mental health
9.18.20_Attachment 2_20200920_Taskforce_on_Telehealth_Policy_Slide_Deck
9.18.20_Attachment 3_Support EDC Advocacy Day – Social Media Toolkit
9.18.20_Attachment 4_Taskforce on Telehealth Policy Findings and Recommendations – 9-16-2020
9.11.20 REDC Policy Update
9.11.20_Attachment 1_FINALSenateAppropsLetterHotline
9.11.20_Attachment 2_National Organizations Request to Gov Newsom for SB 855 Signature
9.11.20_Attachment 3_September 2020 State Parity Workgroup Slides
9.11.20_Attachment 4_TFK Coalition 2021 NDAA Ltr Final
9.4.20 REDC Policy Update
9.4.20_Attachment_MHLG 4.5B SAMHSA funds 8.28.20
8.28.20 REDC Policy Update
8.21.20 REDC Policy Update
8.21.20_Attachment 1_BAI20816
8.21.20_Attachment 2_CMS Response to Smith Cassidy Telehealth Letter_8.10.20
8.21.20_Attachment 3_Milliman-High-Cost-Patient-Study-2020
8.14.20 REDC Policy Update
8.7.2020 REDC Advocacy Update
HR 7663 endorsement FIN w signers 8-3-20
TRICARE for Kids Coalition REDC memo
7.31.2020 REDC Policy Update
ASPE Issue Brief_Medicare Beneficiary Use of Telehealth Visits – Early Data from the Start of the Pandemic – 7.28.20
Telebehavioral Health in Light of COVID-19 Memo July 2020
HEALS Act Summaries (final version 4pm 7.30)
7.24.2020 REDC Policy Update
7.23.20 COVID Communications Sign On Letter to Leadership
WH _ Senate draft
7.17.2020 REDC Policy Update
MOULTO_085_xml (2)
7.10.2020 REDC Policy Update
House Report NDAA_adult residential eating disorders
House SERVE Social Media Toolkit
MHLG FMAP Letter Final Letterhead 6-25-2020
6.26.2020 REDC Policy Update
E &C Congressional Memo Health Disparities June 2020 REDC
STRIPED.AED Social Media Toolkit FINAL (1)
6.12.2020 REDC Policy Update
BPC Telehealth and Rural Areas Memo 2020
6.5.2020 REDC Policy Update
5.28.2020 REDC Policy Update
Senate Democrat Letter to White House re mental health frontlines and COVID-19 for circulation signed pdf
Reps. Emmer and Tonko Telehealth Letter May 2020
MHLG Letter on Making Telehealth Flexibilities Permanent 2020 – 5-22-2020
5.21.2020 REDC Policy Update
MHLG Support Letter Health Care Protection Act FINAL
5.15.2020 REDC Policy Update
Heroes Act summary
Brookings Webinar Future of Telehealth 5.6
COVID19 State Telehealth Tracker
5.8.2020 REDC Policy Update
CBO Estimate SERVE Act 041320
HASC-SASC Leadership Letter DHA Telehealth
COVID-19 Response Hearing Memo May 2020
Senate_2020-05-04 Letter to DHA re Tricare Teleheath
5.1.2020 REDC Policy Update
Letter to DHA on telehealth use during COVID_Final
MHLG ERISA Telehealth Coverage FINAL 4.30.20.docx
COVID 4.0_ATA letter FINAL
MHLG Psain Telehealth and Insurance letter April 2020 FINAL_all orgs
4.24.2020 REDC Policy Update
MHLG COBRA COVID 19 Letter 4.23.2020 FINAL
Mental Health Parity Letter to Leadership 4.15.20 (003)
FUSA COVID response recs sign on 4.22.20 final (1)
4.17.2020 REDC Policy Update
April 21_4th COVID Package Action Alert Materials
Mental Health Care During COVID Story Collection Materials
Tricare Covid Updates 04203.
RJD Letter to McConnell Schumer re COBRA – FINAL clean
4.9.2020 REDC Policy Update
Coalition Letter to HHS and CMS on Medicare Telehealth Audio Only FINAL 4-3-20
COVID 4 BH Approps Request 4.7.20
AHIP BCBS Stimulus 4 Priorities Letter
4th Stimulus MHSUD Stimulus Priorities (4-7-20) v7_ (002)
4.3.2020 REDC Policy Update
State Responses Telehealth Actions (1)
State Addresses and Contacts
3.26.2020 REDC Policy Update
MHLG Telehealth State Coverage Letter 3.25.20 FINAL STATES
MHLG Telehealth State Coverage Letter 3.25.20 FINAL NAIC
MHLG Telehealth State Coverage Letter 3.25.20 FINAL House and Senate
COVID Relief Package Summary Key Provisions

3.20.2020 REDC Policy Update
REDC-EDC Briefing Invitation
3.13.2020 REDC Policy Update
3.6.2020 REDC Policy Update
2.28.2020 REDC Policy Update
Harvard Pilgrim.Optum AOD (date stamped) Fallon.Beacon AOD (date stamped) Tufts AOD (date stamped) BCBS AOD (date stamped) (1) AllWays AOD (date stamped)
2.21.2020 REDC Policy Update
TAB B NDAA Section 703 Report to the Congressional Defense Committees clean Final approved Letters (2)
2.14.2020 REDC Policy Update
2.07.2020 REDC Policy Update
EEMP Feb. 5th Hearing_Eating Disorders
1.23.2020 REDC Policy Update
1.17.2020 REDC Policy Update
1.10.2020 REDC Policy Update
10_0110 MHLG Presentation
MHLG Agenda Jan 10 2020 Meeting Draft 1-07-2020_CenterRoadNotes
REDC_Military Family Readiness Council Federal Advisory Committee Meeting
Hearing EC Universal Healthcare Proposals 12.10
12.13.19 REDC policy update
12.6.19 REDC policy update
11.22.19 REDC policy update
11.15.19 REDC policy update
11.8.19 REDC policy update
10.18.19 REDC policy update
10.11.19 REDC policy update
9.27.19 REDC policy update
9.20.19 REDC policy update
9.13.19 REDC policy update
9.6.19 REDC policy update
8.29.19 REDC policy update
3.4.2019 MHLG Letter to Chairman Alexander
3.6.19 House EC Hearing Legislation to Lower Consumer Costs
2.22.19 REDC SERVE ACT-ACA New Committee
2.22.19 House EC Hearing on Strengtening Health Care System
2.15.19 REDC SERVE ACT-ACA New Committee Analysis
2.6.19 House EC Hearing on Texas v Azar
2.1.19 REDC Policy Update
1.29.19 House WM Hearing on PreEx Conditions
1.25.19 CAHC Price of Good Health
1.10.19 DOL Parity Roundtable Memo
REDC 2018 Policy Highlights
11.9.18_Updated State Analysis of ACA 2019 Rates, STLDI, AHP,IM
11.9.18   REDC 2018 Midterm Elections Analysis Final

Internal REDC Documents:

STEP Materials:

  1. REDC Defining  an  Eating  Disorders  Center  of  Excellence
    1. Defining an Eating Disorder Center of Excellence
    2. REDC Defining an Eating Disorders Center of Excellence Executive Summary
  2. REDC Marketing Best Practices
    1. REDC Marketing Best Practices
  3. REDC Code of Ethics
    1. REDC Code of Ethics
  4. REDC Standards  of  Excellence  of  Medical  Care  for  People  with  Eating  Disorders
    1. REDC Standards  of  Excellence  of  Medical  Care  for  People  with  Eating  Disorders 
  5. A Track Record of Success
    1. i. REDC: A Track Record of Success
    1. Member only: REDC’s Code of Ethics: The Case for Why We Must Act Now
    2. Member only: REDC: Grievance Policy

Internal Documents:

REDC 3.16.2020 Coronavirus Management Guide
REDC Standards of Excellence 2 Page Infographic
REDC Member Memo: HRA and State Waiver Proposed Rule
STLDI Final Rule Suit Statement
ACA State-by-State Analysis
ED and PTSD in Female Veterans
SERVE Act Infographic
ACA Infographic
REDC Trajectory of ED Draft
REDC Position Statement on Recovery and Chronicity in Eating Disorders
REDC Marketing Best Practices, May 2017
Internal Q&A, Oct. 2017
ED Center of Excellence Statement May 2017
Eating Disorders Center of Excellence (Short Version)